Blocked Drains Specialists

Traditional drain cleaning machines, cut through the blockage or intrusion in the drain, in most instances leaving the residual debris, fats and oils behind. Our Hydro-Jet drain cleaning system is far more efficient and effective, blasting through your storm water and sewer blockages, resulting in all blockages being remove from the drain entirely. A Hydro-Jet is a versatile drain cleaning system as we are able to apply this to the smallest drains located in bathrooms or kitchens, through to larger storm water and sewer drains, therefore making Hydro-Jet cleaning suitable for all Commercial, Industrial and Residential applications.

Digital Image Inspection and Location

Digital Image inspection, is applied in instances where where drains are suspected to be broken or damaged. We are also able to conduct plumbing inspections for new builds and/or house purchases. Our system is the latest available on the market, and allows our plumbers and clients to view all footage in real time via the onsite screen. Our location system is attached to our Digital Image Camera, and allows for immediate location and marking at the exact point of the broken or damaged area of the drain. This allows any issues, to be immediately identified and reported, and remedial works recommendations provided to the client. All clients receive a copy of the drain inspection either via USB or emailed link.

Hydrostatic Testing

A Hydrostatic Test is able to be conducted to ensure that sewer and storm water pipes are able to be tested for leaks and soundness. This testing can also be applied to showers, shower alcoves and internal drainage and is regularly applied in plumbing inspections, conducted in conjunction with pre-purchase inspections.

Back-Flow Prevention / Testing

Hydro-Jet Solutions is fully licensed in Back Flow Testing. Back Flow put simply provides protection to our main water supply from the re-entry of used or contaminated water. SA Water requires all back flow valves to be tested annually and associated compliance certificates provided. Hydro-Jet Solutions are able to assist all clients with their required back flow testing, or design and installation of back flow devices as required.

Hot Water Service and Replacement

Hydro-Jet Solutions Australia are able to provide our clients with all required Hot Water Servicing and or replacement of ruptured or failed systems. Hydro-Jet Solutions understand that nothing is worse than realising you have no hot water. Hydro-Jet Solutions are able provide service on gas, electric, heat pumps and solar systems including storage and instantaneous units. We have access to parts for all brands of units, and are able to suggest recommendations a new system to service your needs should replacement be required.

Maintenance Plumbing

Hydro-Jet Solutions are able to assist you with your leaking taps, pipes and toilets and are able to assist you in the installation of new fixtures and fittings.

Bathroom Updates and Renovations

Hydro-Jet Solutions are able to assist you with all your bathroom update needs. Many of our clients have been looking for cost effective bathroom renovations, provided by a team of reliable trades people. We are able to assist you in all areas of this, from a minor cosmetic update through to a full bathroom renovation. We have a team of reliable trades and suppliers who are able to assist you from start to finish.